Hello, my name is AbdeN and I invite you to this short movie.

At first I want to apologize for my English

At the beginning I would like to explain what it is Projeect C.O.D.I
in this project I want to show you all the stages that you need to go, to create a game,
having no idea about making games.
it's not just about creating a game, but about creating the best game.

Before im start this project im see couple of video how to start make game.
in every single video I watched, there was talk about starting from something simple, so that we could finish.
This is very good advice, but I won't follow it and I'll start by creating something much bigger and more complicated.

And for everyone who wants to do something simple and finish quickly, I suggest starting with creating a new version of "PONG"

"PONG" is a simple game simulating table tennis, written by Allan Alcorn, published in 1972 by Atari.